i. Love is generous. When you love someone, all you can think about is how you can make that person happy for the rest of your lives being together. We are willing to give every effort that we can give for them without expecting anything in return. You are being selfless when you are in love. Generosity can be many things. It is not always about material things. For me, the most important thing you must give to your love one is your time. A simple text to that person will make his/her day extraordinary. Taking a few minutes to stop whatever you are doing and start a conversation with that person is generosity. You are letting them know that during that certain moment in your life, you thought about him/her. That during that certain moment, he/she is the most important part of your life. Love compels us to give and share what we have to other people, especially those we love the most. Love with all you have. Never expect anything in return. Love more freely.

ii. Love is understanding. Girls can become childish sometimes while boys can be insensitive. But, if you really love that person, you’ll understand him/her. You will lower down your pride and try to realize the reason why they act such things towards you. You will try to comprehend not only the verbal words they are saying but also the nonverbal acts and unspoken gestures they are doing. Understanding is the first step to acceptance. Stop fighting and shouting just because you don’t understand each other. Try to take a deep breath, have a moment of silence, and talk to each other like a mature, in love couple. To understand is to give way to each other’s thoughts and possibilities. 

iii. Love is accepting. Sometimes, not all things are meant to be understood but to be accepted. Another important ingredient of love is acceptance. We all have flaws. Especially girls who are born insecure and physically-curious. They tend to become depressed if they feel that they do not have everything, if they feel that they are not good enough, if they feel that they do not fit in this world, if they feel that they are not pretty enough for you, and such dramas. But, hey! You are there beside her. You must be always there beside her. Despite all those flaws that she have, you must be the one to accept it all. You must be the first one to say that she is the most beautiful girl you ever met before she tell you that she’s not. You must be the one to tell her that her smile makes you feel lucky before she become sad. You must always remind her that she is so perfect and your are very thankful to have her in your life. If she gave something to you, especially when she exerted much effort to do that, accept it with all your heart.  Simple words will make her feel special. 

iv. Love is sacrificing. Love is when you would give up your whole world, give up your life, your everything just to make sure that person you love is okay. It is selfless. It totally separates yourself with your body for that certain person. She is his priority. He is her priority. Isn’t that sweet? Giving your umbrella in a heavy rain to her is sacrificing. Texting her while you are in the gym working that muscles out is sacrificing. Girls do not expect a lot from boys, really. Little things are big things for us. Although sacrificing have its cons, it is a really important ingredient to make the relationship last longer. 

v. Love is forgiving. We all make mistakes. We can be wrong sometimes. However, true love forgives. No matter how hard it is to imagine that the person you love shouted at you in front of other people, or even made you cry for not calling you in the middle of the night, you must not forget to forgive. You set aside your anger and your resentment. True, we loose all of the pride that we have when we enter into a true relationship, that’s the beauty of love. It changes people. It makes a bad person into a good person. It transforms the most depressed girl in the world into the happiest and most blooming one. A magic it is. However, forgiving is not about approving of what the other person has done but is all about how you relate with the other person, especially inside of yourself.

vi. Love is eternal. Love is not finding someone to live with, it’s finding someone whom you can’t live without. Love is the beginning and the end. We may not find and feel it now but when we are there, we feel the honest commitment and affection held up by trust and your relationship to each other. It feels like forever. Love is about endurance. It is about the two couple trying to save the relationship everyday and they both know that they’ll end up with each other again at the end of each day. Being someone’s first love is great, but to be their last one is always the greatest. It’s beyond perfect.

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    i. Love is generous. When you love someone, all you can think about is how you can make that person happy for the rest...
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