Naalala ko nung una kaming nakapagkita nitong si Kuya Ariel sa ATC MeetUp nitong May lang. Nagulat ako nun nung sinabi niyang pipicture-an niya ako ng solo, siyempre hindi naman ako masyadong nagpapa-picture ng solo dahil mejo may pagkamahiyain ako lalo na kung hindi ko pa masyadong kilala yung kumukuha. Pero, nung si Kuya Ariel yung nag-aya, iba sa pakiramdam ‘eh, pakiramdam mo secure ka. Sana maulit ulit ang pagkakataon na ‘yun. Alam naman siguro ng lahat kung bakit siya napabilang sa Featured Bloggers ko. Kilalanin pa natin siya lalo…

Name: Ariel Magyawe Jr.
Active blogger since: April 2011
What can you say about yourself?
I’m a typical lad. An electronics engineer by profession, a photographer and art lover by heart.

Who are your closest tumbloggers at the moment?
TMTM (Too many to mention) — pang slumbook lang. :)) Kidding aside, I had some good friends on here, na kahit I am not as active as before, we still have ways para makapagkamustahan.

What/Who is/are your inspiration/s for effective blogging?
Inspirations indeed come in many forms. For me, they can be from other person, or other person’s work. But it is more fulfilling for me if what I made was inspired of my own experience, emotions, whether they are heartaches, bliss, dream, nightmare, fear, joy, or even anger. Blogging is truly a self expression.

Besides writing and blogging, what other activities do you enjoy? How do you like to spend your chill-out time?
When I’m out of Tumblr, I am usually spending my time with my family. Sometimes, going out with friends. Sometimes spending quiet times with myself - maybe sleeping, or reflecting.

A short message to supersande: Dear Miss Sandy, I would like to thank you, of course, for still giving me this chance, though I was so later, and share a little space of me on your wonderful blog. Maraming salamat and keep inspiring people! God bless! :)

A short message to all of your followers: Dear friends, thank you for letting me appear on your dashboard everytime I want to share what my eyes, lens, imagination can see. Your presence contributes a big percentage to my inspiration. Maraming salamat!

Thank you Sir Ariel for taking the time for this interview, you really are truly inspiring. 

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